Our Services


Pallet Pick-Up

We have 5 different size trucks for the amount of pallets in need of pick up in your warehouse. (220, 308, 400, 616, 704) *Standard size 48 x 40*.


Semi Deliveries

We have trailers and flatbeds with the amount of 704 and close containers which can fit up to 616 pallets.


Drop Trailers to Their Sites

We have closed trailers in which we can do a drop trailer to your warehouse for broken pallets. Once the trailer is full you can request a swap. This means we can take an empty trailer and bring the full trailer back to our location for recycling.


Buy & Sell Pallets

We buy your broken pallets. We also sell our recycled pallets, the standard size and other repairable sizes. We can customize any size pallets you might need for your products.


Recycle Service

We also offer recycle prices for your broken pallets. We pick up your broken pallets, recycle them and take them right back ready for usage.